Frequently Asked Questions

What is the itinerary for the Golf Tournament?

9:00 a.m. Registration, Breakfast & Golf Fair
11:00 a.m. Tee-Off
4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Post-Tournament Reception, Prizes and Program

Why was the date of the event changed?

It was brought to our attention that the October date we initially communicated for the Sobeys Charity Golf Classic would occur during Yom Kippur, the holiest Jewish holiday of the year. Out of respect for this High Holiday, the Charity Golf Classic will now take place on Thursday, September 22 at The Country Club in Woodbridge, Ontario.

What is the location of the golf tournament?

The Country Club
20 Lloyd Street, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 2B9

What is the dress code for the golf tournament?

The dress code for the golf tournament is: Golf Attire (Soft Spike Shoes Only)

If I make a pledge to the Sobeys Charity Golf Classic in 2022 does that guarantee my place at the 2023 event?

First right of refusal for the tournament will be offered to Platinum, Diamond, and Emerald sponsorship categories for the 2023 Sobeys Charity Golf Classic.

Will a tax receipt be issued for my sponsorship?

We are unable to issue tax receipts for the event. Sobeys Inc. is not a registered charity and does not qualify for issuing receipts. In addition, tax receipts are typically not issued for sponsorships, due to the company or organization receiving some commercial benefit associated with the support (i.e. signage, hosting opportunities for golfers, merchandise, sponsor acknowledgement) Although your company will not receive a tax receipt, rest assured that 100% of the proceeds raised will support our amazing charitable partners!

How are the funds that are raised by pledging to the Sobeys Charity Golf Classic distributed?

100% of the funds raised support our charitable partners across Canada such as Special Olympics Canada, The Grocery Foundation, more than 400 food banks and meals programs, 13 children’s hospitals, and Kids Help Phone.

Will my contact at Sobeys be aware that our company has sponsored the 2022 Sobeys Charity Golf Classic?

Yes! The Sobeys team will be getting weekly fundraising updates. The names or logos of companies that have contributed will also be posted on the event website.

I requested to pay by Vendor Debit when will the Debit Memo be processed?

The Debit Memo will be processed within two weeks of your registration.

I paid by credit card. Why is the merchant account name on the receipt Smile Productions and not Sobeys Inc.?

Smile Productions has worked with us on delivering the Sobeys Charity Golf Classic since 2003. They handle the development of the Registration Form, website, and are processing all credit card transactions again this year on behalf of the Sobeys Charity Golf Classic to make payment seamless.

Can I invite a Sobeys employee to golf with my team?

We ask that you please do not include a Sobeys employee as a guest in your roster. We will work closely with the Merchandising team and other areas of the business to ensure an appropriate Sobeys employee is matched with your guests.

What if I cannot accept the sponsor gifts?

Any items not redeemed that evening result in additional revenue for our charitable partners.