Meet the Community Action Fund

We are proud to be Canadian. Whether it’s supporting organizations on the frontlines of food insecurity or making early interventions possible for child and youth mental health, building healthier tomorrows is at the heart of everything we do.  We aren’t just about one family, but all the different kinds of families who make up our great land from coast to coast.


The Community Action Fund was created in March 2020 to help support immediate needs in the communities we serve.  Our support of the local community is focused on building healthier tomorrows for more neighbors, by supporting the mental and physical health of children and families. Funding is centered on:

  • Healthy Bodies – removing barriers for more Canadians to access healthy and affordable food.
  • Healthy Minds – early interventions of child & youth mental health

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand-in-hand, and the community groups we partner with support one or both of these areas of health and wellness. Woven throughout our company is our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Through the Community Action Fund, we partner with marginalized groups to help provide the right ingredients to amplify our commitment to build a sense of inclusive belonging for all of our neighbors.

In our 2024 fiscal year, the Community Action Fund issued close to $670,000 to more than 200 organizations, benefitting nearly 250,000 people across English Canada.

Meet our Community Partners

Kids Help Phone

Children’s Hospitals

Special Olympics Canada

Toonies for Tummies

Food Banks & Meal Programs